Underfloor Heating Sidmouth

Modernise the way you heat your home with underfloor heating (UFH). We offer professional supply and installation of electric (dry) and hydronic (wet) underfloor heating systems. Whether you require installation in one room or your entire house, our expert heating engineers provide a reliable service at competitive prices. For further information or to arrange a quotation for underfloor heating in Sidmouth and East Devon, please contact us.

What is the Difference Between Wet and Dry Underfloor Heating Systems?

Dry UFH is powered by electricity, whereas wet underfloor heating is connected to your wet central heating system. The dry option consists of special heat mats that are fitted under the floor to warm the surface. A wet system involves fitting a network of pipes into a layer of screed under the floor that are connected to the central heating system. Wet systems can be connected to a conventional wet central heating system or one that is powered by either an air source or ground source heat pump for a cost effective central heating solution.

Typically, dry UFH is more expensive to run compared to the wet alternative due to the cost of electricity, however, if you have solar panels installed to generate electricity, this type of heating can be cost effective.

Electric Underfloor Heating (Dry)

We can install electric underfloor heating into a single room or an entire property. This type of heating is worth considering if you have had an extension built as it saves having to mount radiators to the walls, allowing you extra wall space. Generally, it is quicker to install compared to the wet alternative as heat mats are fitted under the floor and no screeding is required. The benefits of dry UFH include:

Hydronic Underfloor Heating (Wet)

We can supply and install hydronic underfloor heating systems from all the leading manufacturers. Hydronic UFH involves laying a network of pipes across the floor into a layer of screed. Warm water circulates throughout the pipes and warms the floor surface evenly for a consistent heat output from the floor up. These systems are versatile as they can be connected to conventional central heating systems as well as ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and thermal solar systems. Wet UFH offers the following benefits:

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